Career Changers

Why Apply to MCiM?

Your Professional Profile

You are a mid-career professional working in professional field that is not health or technology focused. You have some management experience and a general understanding of health care.

Your Goals and Interests

You seek to understand how health care organizations operate and how technology will shape them, operationally and clinically. You seek to build a management skillset and a professional network that supports your career aspirations.

How MCiM Will Benefit You

  • Acquire an understanding of the operational, clinical, and ethical complexities health care managers and senior leaders face as they seek to to optimize new technologies.

  • Gain foundational business skills, including financial management, accounting, strategy, marketing and customer engagement skills.

  • Build the knowledge and skillsets to strategically leverage data and technology tools in different types of health care settings and with multidisciplinary teams.

  • Build the knowledge and skillsets to strategically leverage data and technology tools and lead multidisciplinary teams in different types of health care settings.

  • Immediately apply in-class learnings in your new workplace and advance your career.

  • Expand your professional network as part of an exceptionally accomplished and diverse group of professionals and thought leaders in medicine, business, and technology.

"Today, the challenge of implementing the available digital innovations in health care highlights the need for leaders with the skills, knowledge and insights to bring together technology and the clinical enterprise in entirely new ways.”


Kristan Staudenmayer, MD, MS, FACS
Associate Professor of Surgery, Stanford University Medical Center