Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Why Apply to MCiM?

Your Professional Profile

You are an entrepreneur or work for a start-up in a supporting or a leadership role. You plan to develop, or are currently designing and implementing, technologies in and / or for the health sector.

Your Goals and Interests

You seek to better understand how technology intersects with the key facets of health care organizations, from administrative operations to patient care delivery. You seek to build or expand a management skillset and a professional network that helps drive your firm’s growth.

How MCiM Will Benefit You

  • Acquire an understanding of the operational, clinical, and ethical complexities health care managers and senior leaders face as they seek to adapt to optimize new technologies.

  • Gain foundational business skills, including financial management, accounting, strategy, marketing and customer engagement skills.

  • Build the knowledge and skillsets to strategically leverage data and technology tools in different types of health care settings and with multidisciplinary teams.

  • Immediately apply in-class learnings to advance your organization and your career.

  • Continue to work throughout the program – MCiM is the only Stanford professional education program designed for working professionals in health care and other areas.

  • Expand your professional network as part of an exceptionally accomplished and diverse group of professionals and thought leaders in medicine, business, and technology.

"Needs-based innovation and design thinking provide powerful toolsets to meaningfully improve health and healthcare. The MCiM program offers a unique blend of academic instruction and first-hand experience in innovation practices to address the largest unmet needs in today's care pathways."


Kate Rosenbluth, PhD
Founder and CSO, Cala Health