Ravi Majeti, Principal Investigator

A.B. Biochemical Sciences, Harvard University
M.D. University of California, San Francisco
Ph.D. University of California, San Francisco
Professor of Medicine
Chief, Division of Hematology
Member, Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
Member, Cancer Institute

Lab Manager and Research Assistants

Feifei Zhao - Lab Manager

Melissa Stafford - Research Assistant

Post-Doctoral and Clinical Fellows

Dan Thomas MD, PhD - Instructor

Yusuke Nakauchi MD, PhD - Post-Doctoral Fellow

Rajiv Sharma PhD - Post-Doctoral Fellow

Tian Zhang MD, PhD - Clinical Fellow

Thomas Koehnke MD – Post-Doctoral Fellow

Rozario Thomas PhD – Post-Doctoral Fellow

Shyam Patel MD, PhD – Clinical Fellow

Daiki Karigane MD, PhD – Post-Doctoral Fellow


Miles Linde - Immunology Graduate Program

Kevin Nuno - Cancer Biology Graduate Program

Amy Fan- Immunology Graduate Program

Ritika Dutta – Stanford Medical Student

Leila Abdelrahman – Stanford Undergraduate

Paul Phan – Stanford Undergraduate