Martin's review on ultrasound neuromodulation is published!

February, 2024

Link to publication

Congratulations to Amy Nava!

December, 2023

Amy has been awarded a travel grant from the Biophysical Society to attend the 2024 annual meeting!

Mengyuan’s amazing work on CLC-2 has a first set of reviews

September, 2023

Link to reviews

Congratulations to Amy!

August, 2023

Amy Nava is the recipient of a Stanford Postdoc JEDI Champion Award for her work championing diversity, equity and inclusion iniatives at Stanford!

Congratulations, Mengyuan!

August, 2023

Congratulations to Mengyuan Xu on the pre-print of CryoEM structures of the human CLC-2 voltage gated chloride channel reveal a ball and chain gating mechanism!

Welcome to our new research staff, Natasa Trifkovic!

July, 2023

Biophysical Society Meeting in San Diego!

February, 2023

Welcome to our new research staff, Catalina Mosquera Salcedo!

January, 2023

Dan helps Raymond build a rig for his work!

January, 2023

Welcome to our new postdoc, Shwetha Srinivasan!

November, 2022

Congratulations to Amy Nava!

July, 2022

Amy was awarded a Stanford Propel Postdoctoral Fellowship!

Welcome to our new research staff, Torben Neelands!

May, 2022

Welcome to our new postdoc, Juergen Kreiter!

April, 2022

Welcome to our new postdoc, Daniel Collins!

January, 2022

Congratulations, Mengyuan!

January 14, 2022

Mengyuan Xu has been awarded a Wu Tsai Fellowship!

Congratulations, Martin!

November 8, 2021

Martin Prieto's work is featured at the Society for Neuroscience 2021 Meeting!

Welcome to our new postdoc, Amy Nava!

October 2021


Congratulations, Martin!

August 2021

On your promotion to Senior Research Scientist!

Congratulations, Raymond!

July 2021

Congratulations to lab member Raymond Smith McKoy, who passed his quals!

Welcome to our new Postdoc, Leily Daneshian!

June 2021

Welcome to our new Postdoc, Mengyuan Xu!

April 2021

Congratulations to Martin Prieto!

February 2021

Postdoc Martin Prieto has won the 2021 Cranefield Postdoctoral Fellow Award!

Anna's Paper Published

December, 2020

Development and validation of a potent and specific inhibitor for the CLC-2 chloride channel

Anna K Koster, Austin L Reese, Yuri Kuryshev, Xianlan Wen, Keri A McKiernan, Erin E Gray, Caiyun Wu, John R Huguenard, Merritt Maduke, J Du Bois

Farewell Ricky

November, 2020

Congratulations on your new job at Amberstone Biosciences!

Martin's Paper on the Cover of JGP!

November, 2020

Spike frequency–dependent inhibition and excitation of neural activity by high-frequency ultrasound

Martin Loynaz Prieto , Kamyar Firouzi, Butrus T. Khuri-Yakub, Daniel V. Madison, Merritt Maduke

Welcome Raymond!

August, 2020

We are thrilled that Raymond Smith McCoy decided to join the lab to study the mechanism of ultrasonic neuromodulation!

Farewell Tanmay

May, 2020

Congratulations on your new job at IniXium!

Accepted for Publication in Elife

April, 2020

A CLC-ec1 mutant reveals global conformational change and suggests a unifying mechanism for the CLC Cl-/H+ transport cycle

Tanmay S. Chavan1,2, Ricky C. Cheng1,2, Tao Jiang3, Irimpan I. Mathews4, Richard A. Stein5, Antoine Koehl1, Hassane S. Mchaourab5, Emad Tajkhorshid3,6, Merritt Maduke1,6

Keri's Paper Published

April, 2020

Dynamical model of the CLC-2 ion channel reveals conformational changes associated with selectivity-filter gating

Keri A. McKiernan, Anna K. Koster, Merritt Maduke, Vijay S. Pande

Anna's Thesis Defense...Finally a Ph.D.!

June, 2019

Welcome to our new Postdocs, Wen and Wei!

May, 2019