Merritt Maduke

In addition to lab research, I am committed to the School of Medicine's Teaching Mission and am involved in several courses:

MCP 256, How Cells Work: Energetics, Compartments, & Coupling in Cell Biology (with Profs Liang Feng and Rich Lewis). Our bodies are composed of over 10 trillion cells. Have you ever wondered how they work in concert to utilize chemical, electrical, and mechanical energy, enabling our sense of hearing, maintaining a pH of 2.0 in our stomach, and firing over 1016 action potentials per second? Energetics, compartments, and coupling are basic principles underlying the highly coordinated and diverse activities of living cells.  In this course, students learn about these concepts and how they can be applied to understand a wide variety of essential cellular processes.  Topics include energetics and thermodynamics, physical properties of membranes, cellular homeostasis, solute and water transport, mitochondrial energetics, calcium and electrical signaling, and remarkable cell specializations.  This highly interactive course is organized around short lectures partnered with in-class discussions, problem solving, and mathematical models of cell function.

NEPR 280, Neuroscience Journal Club and Professional Development (with Prof Dan Madison). In this community-building course, second and third-year neuroscience students develop communication skills through presenting research articles and constructively evaluating presentations of others. Professional development sessions are on a range of topics, including careers in neuroscience, mental health, conflict resolution, authorship, and work-life balance, among others.

Favorite ice cream flavor:
I refuse to pick a flavor.

Favorite movie: The Princess Bride

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Hobby: Running, Tennis, Backpacking, Scrabble

Favorite Wu-Tang Member: Huh?

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Contact: maduke at stanford dot edu