Juergen Kreiter

Research Interests:

Little is known about the exact mechanism of function of transmembrane-spanning proteins. However, they are crucial to almost all physiological functions and thus are the major target to medical treatments. Their investigation is challenging due to their highly specific surrounding needs, which require versatile experimental approaches. My long-term research goal is to shed light on the exact mechanism of membrane transporters using biophysical and biochemical approaches. During my PhD, I was able to already gain knowledge and to learn a variety of experimental approaches in the investigation of mitochondrial membrane carriers. In the course of my work I have resolved the mechanism by which distinct carriers mediate the transport of free fatty acids across the inner mitochondrial membrane. In the lab of Prof. Maduke, I will be able to deepen my knowledge about membrane carriers and will apply state-of-the-art techniques to resolve the exact function of the chloride-proton antiporter (CLC).

Favorite ice cream flavor: cinnamon

Favorite movie: I don't watch movies

Hometown: Munich

Hobby: Piano, Ping Pong, Chess

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Contact: jkreiter at stanford dot edu