• – Spotify

    Crystal Mackall Featured in PICI Podcast: From the Origins of Immunotherapy to Curing Pediatric Cancers

    In this episode of From Bench to Fireside, Crystal Mackall, MD, Center Director for the PICI (Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy) Center at Stanford Medicine, talks through what led to her contributions to cancer immunotherapy, including her point of view on tackling challenging problems like pediatric cancers.

  • – Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer

    SITC Academy of Immuno-Oncology Honors Crystal Mackall as 2023 Fellow

    The Academy of Immuno-Oncology was established by SITC to honor individuals who have launched the field of cancer immunotherapy into the breakthrough cancer treatment it is today and bring together the brightest minds in the field to continue to advance SITC, the field, and the next generation of immuno-oncologists.

  • – Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer

    Alex Doan Receives 2023 SITC Abstract Travel Scholar Award

    To promote growth and achievement amongst young investigators in the field of cancer biologics and to recognize excellence in the oral abstract and poster presentations submitted to the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer's (SITC) Annual Meeting, SITC offers the Young Investigator Awards.

  • – Stanford Medicine

    Katie Freitas Receives the Stanford Immunology Program Hugh McDevitt Award

    The Hugh McDevitt Award recognizes and awards a graduating PhD candidate in the Immunology Program for excellence in his or her doctoral dissertation research. The candidate’s doctoral dissertation research is judged by the Immunology Program’s Executive Committee to be of the highest quality in immunology research.

  • – The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research

    Stanford Team Earns the 2023 Mark Foundation Endeavor Award

    The Mark Foundation Endeavor Awards support collaborative research projects that bring together investigators with diverse areas of expertise to tackle challenges in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. The labs of Julien Sage, K. Christopher Garcia, Crystal Mackall, and Rogelio Hernández-López will harness cutting-edge immunotherapeutic approaches to develop novel therapies that activate the immune system against small-cell neuroendocrine tumors.

  • – CSUCI Commencement

    María del Carmen Arenas Selected to Speak at the 2023 CSUCI Commencement

    María del Carmen Arenas, CIRM intern in the Mackall lab, was selected to give the student’s speech at her Masters graduation at the California State University Channel Islands.

  • – Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy

    ACGT to honor Dr. Crystal Mackall with Edward Netter Leadership Award

    Named for ACGT co-founder, Edward Netter, the award recognizes a researcher who has made unparalleled and groundbreaking contributions to the field of cell and gene therapy for cancer.

  • – SITC President Patrick Hwu, MD Fireside Chat with Crystal Mackall, MD

    SITC President Patrick Hwu, MD Fireside Chat with Crystal Mackall, MD

    In this Fireside Chat, Dr. Patrick Hwu sits down with Dr. Crystal Mackall who is internationally recognized for her pioneering work in understanding the thymus, T cells and exhaustion as well as her groundbreaking work in CAR-T therapy.

  • – Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

    Transcription reprogramming to enhance CAR-T cell function

    Nature Research Highlight discusses the work by Katie Frietas and team on enhancing CAR-T function.

  • – Stanford Cancer Institute

    T cell effector programming is regulated by the Mediator kinase module

    SCI leader Crystal Mackall, MD, and lead author Katie Freitas, a Stanford Immunology PhD candidate and Mackall lab member, have published an article in Science demonstrating that the Mediator kinase module is a primary regulator of T cell effector programming. Stanford researchers show Mediator kinase module is a target for enhancing the potency of anti-tumor T cell responses and highlight the potential for gene editing technologies in cancer immunotherapy.