• – SITC President Patrick Hwu, MD Fireside Chat with Crystal Mackall, MD

    SITC President Patrick Hwu, MD Fireside Chat with Crystal Mackall, MD

    In this Fireside Chat, Dr. Patrick Hwu sits down with Dr. Crystal Mackall who is internationally recognized for her pioneering work in understanding the thymus, T cells and exhaustion as well as her groundbreaking work in CAR-T therapy.

  • – Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

    Transcription reprogramming to enhance CAR-T cell function

    Nature Research Highlight discusses the work by Katie Frietas and team on enhancing CAR-T function.

  • – Stanford Cancer Institute

    T cell effector programming is regulated by the Mediator kinase module

    SCI leader Crystal Mackall, MD, and lead author Katie Freitas, a Stanford Immunology PhD candidate and Mackall lab member, have published an article in Science demonstrating that the Mediator kinase module is a primary regulator of T cell effector programming. Stanford researchers show Mediator kinase module is a target for enhancing the potency of anti-tumor T cell responses and highlight the potential for gene editing technologies in cancer immunotherapy.

  • – Frankfurter Stiftung für krebskranke Kinder

    Johanna Theruvath awarded the 2022 Dr Maresch-Klingelhöffer Award

    The Dr. Maresch-Klingehöffer Prize has been awarded by the Frankfurt Foundation for Children with Cancer since 2008 for the best work by natural scientists and young scientists in the field of paediatric oncology and haematology. Dr. Theruvath has succeeded in taking an important step towards improving the chances of cure for children diagnosed with the very aggressive Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumour (ATRT).

  • – Stanford Cancer Institute

    Crystal Mackall is elected to the National Academy of Medicine

    The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) has elected three Stanford Cancer Institute (SCI) members to its membership.

  • – Twitter

    Louai Labanieh is featured in #FacesOfCell

    #FacesOfCell is a campaign to spotlight diverse Cell Press authors. The campaign aims to increase visibility for Black and other underrepresented scientists who have published in the journal Cell.

  • – STAT

    CAR-T therapy doesn’t work in all cancer cases. Scientists are starting to figure out why.

    When CAR-T therapy works against blood cancer, it can work spectacularly, but cancer still returns for many patients. Research groups from Harvard and Stanford have identified a possible culprit in the mix of engineered immune cells created as part of CAR-T therapy.

  • – Stanford Office of Technology Licensing

    Unlocking Cell Therapy in Pediatric Diseases: A Conversation with Crystal Mackall

    Crystal Mackall highlights the most challenging and fulfilling parts of her work -- the promise that cell therapy brings to pediatric patients, and the difficulty in developing therapies for those most in need.

  • – Sarcoma Foundation of America

    SFA Honors Crystal L. Mackall with 2022 Nobility in Science Award

    The Nobility in Science Award is given annually to a deserving, visionary sarcoma surgeon and researcher who has taken on an integral role in advancing drug development for sarcoma patients.

  • – Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy

    Louai Labanieh is a 2022 Parker Scholar Awardee

    The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy awards up to $4.5 Million to nine exceptional graduate and postdoctoral researchers from leading academic institutions.