Coursework and Weekly Schedule

The Core Curriculum is focused on translational medicine, clinical study design, applied medicine and drug development. The courses are taught by Stanford's world-class faculty experts and technology leaders across schools and departments, among them Pediatrics, Radiology, Oncology, Bioengineering, and Epidemilogy and Public Health. 

Project-Based, Mentored Learning

Students work on a mentored capstone project (TRIP: Translational Research Individual Project) from the second through the fourth quarters. Students test a hypothesis, develop an experimental plan, interpret results, understand the future research plan, and, upon completion, provide a short presentation to the leadership committee and other students and also write a report. For a full description of the TRIP capstone project, click here.

Hands-On Experience and Skills

Experiential learning is a central part of the M-TRAM curriculum. Students receive practical experience in basic research and clinical medicine, as well as hands-on technology training in genomics, proteomics, cell-based assays, drug-screening, and computational biology, as part of the Translational Research and Applied Medicine (MED121) course taught by Dean Felsher and Joanna Liliental, members of the M-TRAM Executive Committee.

In addition, MTRAM has received substantial support from Stanford c-Sharp to provide students with multi-facility immersive, hands-on learning via the Translational Research Methods Course (MED212). Over the course of three quarters, students work on cell-based methods in translational research, translational proteomics, and translational genomics.

And finally, M-TRAM students complete a summer industry internship designed to gain hands-on drug development experience.

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Important Dates

September 2024 to January 2024:

  • Applications accepted for 2025/26


December, 2024 (date tba):

  • M-TRAM info session webinar for prospective students 


January 15, 2025:

  • Applications are due for 2025/26


April, 2025:

  • Admission Decisions


Sept. 2025: (date tba)

  • M-TRAM research symposium and New Students Orientation (in person) - stay tuned for registration info


Sept. 22, 2025:

  • First day of classes at Stanford (M-TRAM program starts)


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