Operations Staff

Gary H. Glover, PhD

Professor, Department of Radiology

By courtesy, Departments of Psychology and Electrical Engineering

Director, Lucas Service Center

Current Interests

My research interests encompass the physics and mathematics of imaging with Magnetic Resonance. Presently my research is directed in part towards exploration of rapid MRI scanning methods using spiral and other non-Cartesian k-space trajectories for dynamic imaging of function. Using spiral techniques, we have developed MRI pulse sequences and processing methods for mapping cortical brain function by imaging the metabolic response to various stimuli, with applications in the basic neurosciences as well as for clinical applications. These methods develop differential image contrast from hemodynamically driven increases in oxygen content in the vascular bed of activated cortex, using pulse sequences sensitive to the paramagnetic behavior of deoxyhemoglobin or to the blood flow changes. Other applications include imaging of contrast uptake in the breast.


Office: (650)723-7577 I Cell: (650)302-6902

Jessie Leong

Lucas Center Division Manager

Jessie Leong is the MRI Division Manager. Researchers who are interested in becoming users at the facility should contact her regarding scan rates, service contracts (external users) and billing info.


Office: (650) 497-6820

Thomas Brosnan, PhD

Research Scientist

Dr. Brosnan manages the computing infrastructure for the Radiological Sciences Laboratory (RSL) and for the Lucas Service Center. Please contact him with any issues about data transfer, offline reconstruction, or any other technical matters.


Office: (650)725-4807

Karla Epperson, RT(MR)(ARMRIT)

Manager, MR Whole Body Research Systems

Karla E. Epperson is the Manager of the MR Whole Body Systems at the Lucas Center. Researchers who are interested in becoming users at the facility should contact her regarding access to all Lucas MRI scanners, IRB Human Subjects Protocols, MR scan parameters and RF coils, and technical support.


Cell: (650)521-7836

Kevin Epperson, RT(R)(MR)

MR Research Technologist

Kevin Epperson is a MRI Research Technologist at the Lucas Center. He performs MRI research scans within a broad range of research. Kevin also provides MR training for researchers and assistance with set-up of MRI research protocols. Researchers will find his assistance available for their research studies and should contact him by email or phone.


Cell: (650)387-0194

Yamil Saenz, DVM, LATg

Veterinary Research Coordinator

Yamil provides support with all animal model studies. He is very experienced with multiple species in handling anesthesia and surgery, using various imaging modalities. Yamil will help, collaborate and develop study design and writing APLAC (IACUC) study protocols.


Office: (650)725-4485 I Cell: (408)813-1640