The Richard M. Lucas Center for Imaging

The Richard M. Lucas Center for Imaging houses resources devoted to research in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), spectroscopy (MRS) and X-Ray/CT imaging. Researchers in RSL and at the Lucas Center have pioneered MRI/MRS/X-Ray/CT technology while developing new techniques that benefit patients with stroke, cancer, heart disease, and brain disorders. The Center supports collaborative and original research using human subjects and intact animal models.

Our facilities include three 3.0T whole-body MR systems and a 7.0T whole-body MR system, complete with patient/animal preparation facilities and image processing/readout workstations. The Axiom/Zeego Lab houses a C-arm X-Ray CT scanner that offers fluoroscopic scanning, and many other applications. A machine shop/workshop offers addition capability for miscellaneous hardware development including MRI coils and phantoms. Most of the over 100 people in RSL have office space in the Lucas Center for Imaging.

7T MRI Scanner

7T GE Discovery 950 MRI Scanner

-- Not Service Center --

Please contact Brian Rutt, PhD, for access (brutt@stanford.edu).

Our GE Healthcare Discovery MR950 MRI system operates at a maximum gradient slew rate of 200 millitesla per meter per millisecond and maximum gradient amplitudes of 50 milliTesla per meter. The software and hardware currently allows the use of 32 channels.

Daily support in MR system operation and screening and safety is provided to all researchers including faculty, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, and visiting scholars in the Lucas Center and Department of Radiology; researchers from other University departments such as Psychology, Psychiatry, Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Nephrology; and service center users from outside of the University.

Scanner Configuration

Software Revision: 7T23.0_V03b_1612a

Channels: 32

Gradients: 200 mT/m/msec, 50 mT/m (5 G/cm), model XRMB

Shimming: Passive, Active & High Order

Bore Diameter: 55 cm (L-R); cradle width 40 cm

Multinuclear Spectroscopy: Yes

Maximum Table Weight: 550 lbs

Magnetic Shielding:  Passive