About Us

The Stanford Asian Liver Center at Peking University

The Stanford Center at Peking University was formally established on March 21, 2012 to expand Stanford's teaching and research opportunities in China. Through the center at Peking University, Stanford faculty and students are able to tap into a wealth of resources, allowing them to pursue fieldwork and internships in various subject areas.

Like the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University, the Asian Liver Center at Peking University (Peking ALC) aims to carry out public projects that will fight against hepatitis B transmission, lack of awareness, and misconceptions about hepatitis B. These projects are rooted in the C.A.R.E. approach:


Since launching operations in China, the Peking ALC has built partnerships with local governments like the Health Department of the Gansu Province, public health institutions like All-China Women's Federation and Chinese Nursing Association, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and many organizations founded by HBV carriers. By working with various partners, the Asian Liver Center can establish unifying connections to eradicate hepatitis B.


The Peking ALC aims to support the HBV carriers' organizations that are trying to educate the public on Hepatitis B. By supporting them, we make efforts together to reduce public discrimination and misunderstandings about HBV carriers.

Raising Awareness and Communication

The Peking ALC creates projects and carries out events that raise awareness in the public as well as on school campuses. By working with many universities in Beijing, the Peking ALC promotes youth awareness and fosters a community among students.


Through public events and lectures, the Peking ALC hopes to educate all types of people, including medical workers, enterprise staff and students.

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Meet the Team

Chen Yao

2014 Volunteer

"Thinking that it may be the only chance for the students to learn about Hepatitis B, I suddenly realized I was making a big difference. I want to thank ALC for giving me such a good opportunity to find my full potential and also for allowing me to join the fight in protecting kids for a better future. 

Li Yangxuan

2013 Intern

"I am very glad to have joined the ALC team; it seems that I found another home here."

Ye Yichen

2013 Human Resource Department Volunteer

"I have learned a lot working with all the ALC members this semester. I would like to thank Linda and Hao in particular; they really helped me learn in ways that I could never find in a book.  I have to say that I had a wonderful time working with everyone in ALC and I do believe that Peking ALC will only keep improving in the future."

Wang Cho

2013 Marketing Department Volunteer

"It's my great pleasure to have met all of you during this semester.  All the members in ALC are dream-chasers, which I appreciate very much."

Jiang Qi

2012 Intern

"I joined ALC because I really wanted to help eradicate hepatitis B and raise awareness! It was great opportunity to get to know Linda through Dr. So's speech.  I arranged the first Jade Ribbon activity in Peking University and met a lot of volunteers here!"

Wang Hao

2012 Office Volunteer

"My father has been an HBV carrier for over 20 years. I have always wanted to learn more about the disease in order to help my father and the other HBV carriers, but there were fewer chances for me to achieve my goals until I found ALC.  As we know there are over 100,000,000 people in Asia who have hepatitis B.  We need to make efforts to draw people's attention to the disease and I am very glad that I am able to do such meaningful work."