Through public and private partnerships, the health disparities associated with chronic hepatitis B and liver cancer can be overcome. The Asian Liver Center has a long history of building collaborative networks with a diverse array of cross-sectoral partners to address hepatitis B.


In order to successfully eradicate hepatitis B, we must unite together and speak out against this silent killer. The Asian Liver Center works on the local, statewide, national and international levels to promote hepatitis B and liver cancer awareness.


The Asian Liver Center conducts translational research by which our scientific research is translated into practical applications and policies to improve human health. We are committed to finding novel approaches to increase the effectiveness of diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment through the development of a comprehensive liver cancer research program.

Education & Outreach

The key to winning the fight against hepatitis B and liver cancer is prevention, and prevention begins with outreach and education. Since its founding in 1996, the Asian Liver Center has been dedicated to serving the Asian community through a variety of outreach and education programs.



APAVH focuses initially on the 41 countries that comprise the WHO Western Pacific and South-East Asia regions (WPRO) and account for 78 percent of the global burden of HBV infection.

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