Meet Our Team


Stanley Yung C. Liu, MD, DDS, FACS


Associate Professor of Otolaryngology, and by courtesy, to the Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Stanford University School of Medicine
Director, Sleep Surgery Fellowship

Professional Highlights:

  • Invited professorships to 5 Universities
  • Keynote talks at the American, Chinese, Spanish Sleep Medicine Conferences
  • Keynote talks at international ENT and Maxillofacial Conferences
  • Chair to 7 World Sleep Symposiums
  • Grand Rounds Speaker to 9 Universities
  • 80 original scientific texts, 22 book chapters

My introduction to sleep came by way of the iconic Sleep and Dreams undergraduate course at Stanford by the late Dr. Bill Dement. Surgically, I owe my mentors who are also pioneers of our field in Dr. Nelson Powell and Dr. Robert Riley. The Powell and Riley Stanford sleep surgery approach has served as a foundation to our clinical approach. Since starting as a faculty member at Stanford after my fellowship in 2014, I have continued to update the approach to patients with sleep-disordered breathing.

Surgery for sleep apnea should aim to restore form, followed by re-training of function. The ideal facial and airway form during sleep would promote nasal breathing and upper airway dilator muscle function, both of which work best with optimal maxillofacial skeletal position. In combination with preservation nasal and soft palatal surgery, and upper airway stimulation, we are more equipped than ever to restore healthy breathing during sleep.