Integrated Structural Biology

Collaborators: Keith Hodgson & Matthias Wilmanns


Cooperation between SLAC and EMBL in Integrative Structural Biology

Drs. Keith Hodgson and Matthias Wilmanns are working together to promote cooperation in various fields of integrative structural biology. The research sites at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory - Stanford University, and the DESY German Synchrotron Research Center in Hamburg, Germany, both have leading research infrastructures for making use of high brilliance X-rays (synchrotron, free electron laser-based). Based on a long track record of mutual exchange, Drs. Keith Hodgson (SLAC, Stanford University) and Matthias Wilmanns (EMBL Hamburg Unit on DESY Campus) have agreed to promote cooperation in life science oriented fundamental research and applications, focusing on an integrative structural biology approach. This cooperation also includes new state-of-the-art electron microscopy facilities at both sites.

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