Use the Letter Project form to complete your Advance Directives in Minutes!

Every adult should complete advance directives..... and most would, if they could! Sadly, many take one look at the advance directive form and give up after the first two minutes of trying to decipher the medico-legal jargon. At least, that is what we have found in our extensive research interviews with numerous multi-ethnic, multi-lingual patients and families from diverse backgrounds. In fact, no one is immune to the medico-legalese rampant in the advance directive form. 

Here is a simple and innovative solution:

Use the Advance Directive - What Matters Most document and answer some questions to reflect your values and preferences for care:

Step 1: Identify What Matters Most to you

Step 2: Name your health care agent or proxy decision maker(s)

Step 3: Write down your care choices

Step 4: Sign the form and have two witnesses co-sign

Step 5: Give copies of the signed form to key people in your life (health care agent, doctor, lawyer etc.)

This could be the most precious (and totally free) gift you could give yourself and  to your loved ones. Few minutes of your time now to complete your directive will prevent tons of angst and heartache

Get your Advance Care Directive done today!