The Leng Research Group is part of the Byers Eye Institute, the Spencer Vision Center and the Ophthalmology Department at the Stanford University School of Medicine. As a clinician-scientist, Dr. Leng seeks to advance knowledge on several fronts.

Theodore Leng, MD, MS is a practicing vitreoretinal physician and surgeon. As such, many questions that we tackle involves the retinal patient and their conditions. In the past, we have looked into ocular infections, multimodal imaging techniques, developing innovative surgical techniques and performing translational clinical trials to bring novel therapeutics to the clinical realm.

Our current projects focus on:

1) Biomedical data science approaches to analyzing retinal imaging, clinical and genetic data to predict disease progression

2) Automated diagnosis of retinal imaging using a machine learning and deep learning approach

3) Molecular and cellular analyses of epiretinal membranes, their pathophysiology and pathways for non-surgical prevention and intervention

4) Developing stem cell and neuroprotective therapies for retinal disease

5) Correlating visual outcomes with medical and surgical interventions for retinal disease

Our work is motivated by the personal interactions with the patients we are care for each and every day and by the study volunteers that we have been fortunate to have worked with.

We are grateful for the support of current and previous sponsors that make our work possible.