Funding Sources

Grants Awarded

R01 DK116750                                                9/1/19-7/31/24                                                 


Mechanisms of NAT2 regulation of insulin resistance and mitochondrial function

The goal is to use in vitro and in vivo models to characterize a novel insulin resistance gene 


R01 DK120565                                               9/13/19-5/31/24                                               


CRISPR-Based Gene Perturbation Followed By High-Throughput Phenotyping In Cell & Mouse Models To Characterize Novel Insulin Resistance Genes

Use CRISPR screens to identify novel IR genes


American Heart Association (AHA)    7/1/19-6/30/23                                                   


Discovery and Characterization of Novel Genes Associated with Risk for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

The goal is to find novel NAFLD genes 


US-ISRAEL BSF                                              8/1/19-7/31/21                                                       

Bilateral Science Foundation                                                

An effort to identify FH patients in the databases of Clalit Health Services using machine learning


P30DK116074                                                8/1/17-7/31/21                                                   


Stanford Diabetes Research Center (SDRC)            

Dr. Knowles is the co-leader of the "Metabolism" working group within the SDRC.


U41HG009649                                               08/01/2017 – 07/31/2021                               


Clinical Genome Resource (ClinGen)                                    

Major goal is to create a unified, public, and freely available database of genetic alterations relevant to clinical care. I am a co-Investigator of the ClinGen grant and the co-leader of the group focused on Familial Hypercholesterolemia.


#1-19-JDF-108                                              2/1/19-1/31/21                                                  

American Diabetes Association                               

Mechanisms of insulin resistance caused by human NAT2 deficiency

The goal is to determine how the human NAT2 gene leads to insulin resistance


R01 HL12866605                                          8/1/15-7/31/20                                                         


Escalating proportion of weight loss maintainers prior to weight loss

Dr. Knowles adjudicates adverse outcomes during this clinical weight loss trial


R01 DK106236                                             9/01/16– 6/30/20                                           


Beyond GWAS of insulin resistance: an integrated approach to translate genetic association to function

The goals of this work are to use computational, in vitro and zebrafish models to uncover the function of insulin resistance GWAS variants.


R01 DK107437                                               04/01/16 – 3/31/20                                           


Molecular Mechanisms of Insulin Resistance Associated Loci

The goals of this work are to identify causal variation and causal genes in type 2 diabetes GWAS loci and to initiate studies to determine the mechanism of the association.

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