Mission Statement

The Stanford Kidney Stone Clinic provides comprehensive, high-quality, and innovative care for patients with recurrent kidney stone disease. Clinicians in the Stanford Kidney Stone Clinic believe in the primacy of the scientific method and use an evidence-based medicine approach to prevent and treat patients with kidney stone disease and related disorders of the kidney, bone, and endocrine systems. 

Alan C. Pao, MD; Director, Stanford Kidney Stone Clinic

Collaborative Partners

Partners in Clinical Care

The Stanford Kidney Stone Clinic collaborates with numerous specialty services to provide comprehensive medical and surgical care for patients with kidney stone disease. Treatment of kidney stone disease starts with prevention and ends with healthful living.

Stanford Clinical Nutrition Services

Stanford Nephrology

Stanford Urology

Stanford Endocrinology

Partners in Basic/Clinical/Translational Research

Faculty in the Stanford Kidney Stone Clinic are active biomedical researchers who direct research programs in the study of kidney stone disease. These research programs are comprised of physician-scientists (nephrologists, urologists, and pathologists), biostatisticians, life science research scientists, and trainees (nephrology fellows and urology residents) and form the research infrastructure that informs the medical care provided by the Stanford Kidney Stone Clinic.  General themes that are currently being pursued by faculty in the Stanford Kidney Stone Clinic include the following:

  • health care delivery to patients with kidney stone disease
  • pathogenesis and treatment of hypocitraturia
  • pathogenesis and treatment of calcium oxalate stone formation
  • diagnosis of bone disease in patients with kidney stone disease
  • development of novel strategies for kidney stone prevention

Features of the Clinic

  • Multidisciplinary care between Nephrology and Urology teams
  • Personalized testing for prevention and treatment of recurrent kidney stones
  • Close collaboration with Endocrinology for patients with related hormonal bone disorders
  • Nutritional support for dietary managment of kidney stone disease
  • Avenues for clinical and translational research

When It Comes to the Kidneys, This Clinic Leaves No Stone Unturned

How precision medicine is personalizing kidney stone treatment.