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Available Now: Bladder Basics!

Bladder Basics is a short video-based course on bladder health. It was developed by our team, with funding from the San Jose Auxiliary for Children. It is based on Bladder Bootcamp, a zoom-based class from our pediatric urology clinic. Bladder Basics aims to serve families with kids 5-10 year olds who experience peeing problems. Six 3-7 minute videos use songs, humor, and activities to teach us about bladder health. One stand-alone lesson gives key changes to improve symptoms with extra bonuses talking about body parts, pooping, hydration, and tips. We want to inspire better habits related to peeing and pooping. The Spanish translation of Bladder Basics will be coming next.

Current Projects

Bladder Basics

Bladder Basics is an engaging, informative, and most importantly... fun video series that teaches children and their families about bladder health. That’s right, your bladder - the part of your body that makes pee – needs us to follow healthy bladder habits to keep it happy. 

Target Audience: Children ages 5-10 years, as well as their families.


  • For children: to learn key bladder habits that keep our bodies healthy
  • For families: to support bladder health education as a family and create  a bladder-friendly environment


Using Bladder Basics:

This series includes seven videos. Each video is ~10 minutes long and covers a different topic related to bladder health. At this time, the videos are only available to those who sign up for our Bladder Basics study.

Currently, Bladder Basics is available for families of children ages 5-10 years with bladder symptoms as part of our Bladder Basics study. If you are interested in viewing Bladder Basics as part of our ongoing trial, please click the button below.

Happy Healthy Bladder Study

Currently enrolling parents and pediatricians

  • Parents
    • Parents or caregivers directly involved in caring for a child (or children) who is 4 to 8 years old or have been involved in the last 3 years. Child may or may not have any bladder issues currently or in the past.
  • Pediatricians
    • Are you a healthcare provider in northern California involved in the care of children 4-8 years of age? We would like to understand your perspectives and obstacles that may be present in providing bladder education and care to your patients.

Email us at hhbladderstudy@stanford.edu

We aim to study the knowledge and attitudes of parents and pediatricians who care for these children via focus groups and one-on-one interviews in order to identify barriers to earlier bladder health education.

Next, we aim to deploy local and statewide surveys to a larger group of these stakeholders in order to understand if there is a variation among different sub-groups.

The results of this study will help inform future community-based interventions.


Pending recruitment

Please click here to complete our screening survey for the study.

Text4US could be your very own text-based healthcare helper! It aims to improve the care of children with peeing problems at home through behavior change. This is a 4-week study. Parents will receive free resources, like text messages with information about bladder health, behavioral change plan, and achievement reflection. They will also use a bladder and food diary to track their kid’s behavior. Text4US customizes support for each kid.