The goal is to develop preventive health education strategies that are part of standard curriculum in classrooms and pediatricians’ offices everywhere.

What We Offer

Bladder Bootcamp

It is a 1 hour in-person/online urotherapy education session in a non-medical, group setting. Parents and children are given the same tips and tricks they would learn in a first visit with a physician and can ask general comprehension questions in a Q&A session. Most importantly, families can go home and start working on these changes prior to their 1:1 clinical encounter.

Currently enrolling

Happy Healthy Bladder Study

We aim to study the knowledge and attitudes of parents and pediatricians who care for these children via focus groups and one-on-one interviews in order to identify barriers to earlier bladder health education. Next, we aim to deploy local and statewide surveys to a larger group of these stakeholders in order to understand if there is a variation among different sub-groups. The results of this study will help inform future community-based interventions.

Currently enrolling parents and pediatricians

  • Parents
    • Parents or caregivers directly involved in caring for a child (or children) who is 4 to 8 years old or have been involved in the last 3 years. Child may or may not have any bladder issues currently or in the past.
  • Pediatricians
    • Are you a healthcare provider in northern California involved in the care of children 4-8 years of age? We would like to understand your perspectives and obstacles that may be present in providing bladder education and care to your patients.

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Pediatric Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (pLUTS) is common in school-age children and can negatively impact the quality of their life. Although at least 50% of children with pLUTS can improve through behavioral changes, there is a lack of effective tools and services to help those children adopt healthy bladder behaviors.

To address this issue, we developed Text4US, an early model of text message-based personalized healthcare assistant, to improve the care of children with peeing problems at home. 

The aim of this study is to examine the feasibility of Text4US. The study results will deepen the understanding of treatment options for pLUTS and provide an opportunity to optimize pediatric urology practice by integrating digital technology. 


Currently enrolling participants 

Please click here to complete our screening survey for the study. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

Lab News

December 2021

Bladder Bootcamp team receives funding from San Jose Auxiliaries for Children

October 2021

Congratulations to the Bladder Bootcamp team for winning 'Dahlia team award' for FY-21Q4!

Team lead(s): Kathleen Kan, Denise Stines, Kreev Joundi

September 2021

Congratulations to Gunjan Agrawal for receiving the Resident scholars travel award to WSAUA 2021

September 2021

Congratulations to Dr. Kathleen Kan for being named Assistant Program Director for Urology Residency Program!

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May 2021

Bladder bootcamp picked up by San Jose Auxiliaries for their annual fundraiser event