To enable early detection and effective treatment of brain diseases through translational molecular imaging

Our Vision

1.  To develop novel, state-of-the-art medical imaging methods to enable highly accurate and ultra-sensitive detection of neurodegenerative diseases so we can intervene in the earliest stages of diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease, well before the onset of symptoms and irreversible damage to the CNS. 

2. To dramatically improve the treatment of brain diseases by translating our new imaging strategies to the clinic, to facilitate stratification of patient populations for precision targeting of novel therapeutics and real-time monitoring of treatment response. 

3. To enhance understanding of the in vivo role and spatiotemporal dynamics of innate and adaptive immune responses, in the context of different neurological diseases, through non-invasive molecular imaging – leading to paradigm-shifting, rationale design of disease-modifying therapeutics. 

Our Credo

We are here to improve the understanding, detection, and treatment of devastating brain diseases. Being part of the James Lab means to be ... 

1.   Proactive

2.   Respectful

3.   Curious

4.   Creative

5.   Responsible

6.   A team player

7.   Improving every day

8.   Kind to yourself

9.   Honoring of our lab environment

10. A good citizen of the community