Current Ford Lab Members

Ford Lab Members (l to r): Lisa McPherson, Shanthi Adimoolam, Jim Ford and Rozelle Laquindanum (not shown, Meredith Mills, Francesca Olguin and Donna Galvez)

James Ford, MD

Principle Investigator

Dr. Ford is a medical oncologist and geneticist at Stanford, devoted to studying the genetic basis of breast and GI cancer development, treatment and prevention. Dr. Ford graduated in 1984 Magna Cum Laude (Biology) from Yale University where he later received his M.D. degree from the School of Medicine in 1989. He was an internal medicine resident (1989-91), Clinical Fellow in Medical Oncology (1991-94) and Research Fellow of Biological Sciences (1993-97) at Stanford where he joined the faculty in 1998 and is currently Professor of Medicine (Oncology) and Genetics. Dr. Ford’s clinical interests include the diagnosis and treatment of patients with a hereditary predisposition to cancer. He is the director of both the Stanford Cancer Genetics Clinic that sees patients for genetic counseling and testing of hereditary cancer syndromes for prevention and early diagnosis of cancer in high-risk individuals and the Stanford Cancer Genomics Program that performs next-generation tumor profiling to identify novel genetic targets for personalized targeted therapies. Dr. Ford is an editor of numerous scientific journals, including Cancer Research, DNA Repair, and PLoS Genetics. He has recently been named the founding Editor-in-Chief of JCO Precision Oncology.

Lisa McPherson, PhD

Senior Research Scientist/Lab Manager

Shanthi Adimoolam, PhD

Research Scientist

Rozelle Laquindanum

Clinical Research Coordinator

Meredith Mills

Clinical Program Manager

Francesca Olguin

Master Student, Biology

Donna Galvez


James Ford, M.D.
Division of Oncology
269 Campus Dr. CCSR Rm 1115
Stanford University School of Medicine
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