A collaborative endeavor involving the entire community, the Stanford Medicine Integrated Strategic Planning process yielded a framework that is human centered and discovery led, focused on three overarching priorities for our enterprise. 

By enhancing our strengths and achieving our goals in these priority areas, we will amplify our preeminence and remain uniquely positioned to lead the biomedical revolution in Precision Health – ensuring our continued ability to guide health care through significant global changes. 


Value Focused

  • Provide a highly personalized patient experience.

  • Ensure a seamless Stanford Medicine experience.


Digitally Driven

  • Amplify the impact of Stanford innovation globally.

  • Deliver human-centered, high-tech, high-touch care and revolutionize biomedical discovery.

  • Lead in population health and data science.


Uniquely Stanford

  • Accelerate discovery in and knowledge of human biology.

  • Discovered here, used everywhere: advance fundamental human knowledge, translational medicine, and global health.

  • Ensure preeminence across all of our mission areas.