As a leading biomedical institution, Stanford Medicine has a duty to all members of the community to think strategically as we advance toward the future. We have created and are delivering an Integrated Strategic Plan (ISP) for the future of Stanford Medicine that is critical to our leadership and vision in Precision Health. Our ISP brings together the three entities that comprise Stanford Medicine: Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford Health Care, and Stanford Children’s Health.

This honor recognizes individuals and teams from the Stanford Medicine community who, through their extraordinary efforts, embody the strategic priorities of our Integrated Strategic Plan (ISP): Value Focused, Digitally Driven, and Uniquely Stanford. By recognizing these important contributions, Stanford Medicine leadership hopes to further promote the ISP and accelerate its momentum.

Nominations are currently closed for 2021.


       Clinical Effectiveness Target Based Care Core Team

Team Members: Claudia Algaze, Hannah Bassett, Christy Besso, Brendan Burkart, Whitney Chadwick, Jean Chantra, Rebecca Claure, Joseph Kim, Sneha Krishna, Ling Loh, Loren Sacks, Andy Shin, Kate Steffen, Deepti Tirunagari, Ellen Wang, Matthew Wood, May Wu

This team created a method to promote a shared mental model of hospital goals by presenting “achievable benchmarks” from prior like-encounters at the point of care for all stakeholders, including the family. By developing tools that facilitate continuous learning and improvement while preserving safety and patient experience, the Clinical Effectiveness Target Based Care Core team has demonstrated innovative thinking that will streamline and enhance care.

Clinical Virology Team

Team Members: Benjamin Pinsky, Mae Achay, Sonialyn Almazan, Adrian Aragon, Mark Alday, Francis Armonio, Merrie Bass, Selamawit Bihon, Monique Chavez , Lei Chen, Fatima De Los Santos, Meriam Deveras, Carine Eke-Pokam, Eula Fung, Natasha Garamani, Mekonnen Gebretsadik, Wael Hanna, Sara Hartinger, Chandler Ho, Catherine Hogan, Bing Hu, ChunHong Huang, Naomi Iwai, Nai-Hua Jeng, Becky Jiang,  Alison Kerr, Ghazala Khan, Justin Kwong, Kathy Le, Sydney Liang, Linda Liao, Alicia Maciel, Marilyn Mar, Hiroko Margesson, Kenji Obadia Mfuh, Paris Minor, Kanagavel Murugesan, Emily Nguyen, Phuong Nguyen, Melissa Parry, Tu Phan, Maria Ramirez Perez, Nancy Prado, Leena Reddy, Toukason Reuangroundeth, Riley Roffelsen, Daniel Romero, Suzette Santos, Malaya Sahoo, Mamdouh Sibai,  Dallas Snyder, Daniel Solis, Bryan Stevens, Gordon Tam, Tina Tan, Nicole Tanjoco, Bernadette Truong, Ngwesse Celine Ntube Mengang Songong Tsake,Eirene Uy, Nina Valderrama, Jaron VanDeLaarschot, Marisol Vasquez, Michelle Verghese, Ilona Volkova, Hannah Wang, Sofia Wubishet, Fiona Yamamoto, Jing Xu Zyra

By designing and validating an in-house diagnostic test for the novel coronavirus, the Clinical Virology team helped limit the spread of the virus. This effort borne of innovative thinking and strategic collaborations exemplifies how our community’s work has an impact on health locally and globally.

        Emergency Department Teams

Team Members: Ian Brown, Patrice Callagy, Laleh Gharahbaghian, Alison Kerr, Shenee Laurence, Michael Losak, Hannah McClellen, Shashank Ravi, Ryan Ribeira, Sam Shen, Karen Stuart, Alexei Wagner, Sarah Williams, Henry Zeng

The Emergency Department’s response before and during the COVID-19 pandemic embodies Stanford Medicine’s commitment to high-tech, high-touch care. This model of care puts patients at the center of their care journey, improves outcomes, and creates better experiences for patients and their families.

Kidney Transplant Team

Team Members: Stephan Busque, John Scandling, Andrea Abi, Patrick Ahearn, Anne Allen, Stephan Busque, Aleah Brubaker, Tyrannie Cable, Jessie Cairns, Denise Castillo, Daisy Chavez , Elizabeth Cheng, Xing Xing Cheng, Lynn Clinton, Robert Escalada, Becky Fewster, Patti Francois, Amy Gallo, Norma Guerrero, Reid Imai, Persiana Ivanov, Nimy Kandathil, Tiffany Kim, Soo Yee Kong, Terri Krause, Jenny Lee, Colin Lenihan, Som Lim, Tania Makki, Marc Melcher, Kim Miller, Marilyn Morris, Lily Ng, Du Nguyen, Jonathan Nguyen, Jenny Pan, Jayna Patel, Thomas Pham, Marcos Rodriguez, An Saucedo, Asha Shori, John Sullivan, Jane Tan, Peter Tan, Ade Taiwo, Kevin Val Discipulo, Aileen Wang, Uerica Wang, Vasyl Warvariv, Jane Waskerwitz, Alex Woo, Isabel Zamora, Gioia Zucchero

The Kidney Transplant (KT) team, under Dr. Busque and Dr. Scandling's leadership, has worked collaboratively and diligently to achieve and deliver excellence in patient care. By continuously identifying opportunities to improve patient care, the Kidney Transplant team has established itself as one of the highest-performing teams in the United States based on several metrics.

          MyHealth – Hospital View Team

Team Members: Shelly Arthofer, Aditya Bhasin, Gretchen Brown, Lance Bullock, Seth Cohen, Abishek Harikumar, Cary Kirk, Isaac Villanueva, Alpa Vyas

The MyHealth – Hospital View team created a view in which patients can view members of the care team, test results, medications/side effects, progress against goals including pain and mobility & information to prepare for discharge. This provides a personalized care experience that enables patients and their families to focus on health, healing, and recovery.

Network Access Optimization Team

Team Members:  Nicole Altamirano,Catherine Krna, Michael Kim, David Svec, Octavio Villa, Alpa Vyas, Enterprise Contact Center, Faculty Primary Care, UHA Primary Care, Technology & Digital Solutions, Ambulatory Care Clinic and Business Operations Teams

The Network Access Optimization team optimized how patients schedule primary care appointments at all Faculty and UHA primary care clinics by creating a common work queue driven by patient preferences, increasing scheduling visibility across system, and enabling self-scheduling and positive user experience.

Stanford Cancer Center’s Tobacco Treatment Service Team

Team Members: Amy Chieng, Kathleen Gali, Matthew Kendra, Maura Lau, Rachelle Mirkin, Brittany Pike, Judith Prochaska, Amer Raheemullah, Cindy Tran

The Tobacco Treatment Service team’s ability to bridge the School of Medicine’s expertise in tobacco cessation research with Stanford Health Care’s patient care environment has streamlined critical patient care. The team developed an “opt-out” approach to remove referral requirements, allowing providers to focus on immediate patient needs while ensuring access to evidence-based treatment. Cessation support options for patients include: same-day delivery of cessation medications through a partner pharmacy and counseling.

SURF (System Utilization Research for Stanford Medicine) Team

Team Members: Nicholas Bambos, Margaret Brandeau, Lane Donnelly, Kristin Petersen, Fatima Rodriguez, Samuel Rodriguez, David Scheinker, Andy Shin, Surf Leadership

SURF uses advanced technology derived from data science and machine learning to make a concrete difference in how Stanford cares for patients. Their use of data science and machine learning to reduce CLABSI infections, optimize patient flow, predict clinical events, and enhance patient care in myriad other ways exemplifies the profound impact Stanford Medicine has through cross-functional collaboration and innovative thinking.

UHA/SHC Dermatology Team

Team Members: Meghan Dickman, Julie Dunne, Hilary Garrigan, Mary Harrington, Brandy Hood, Justin Ko, Tim Morrison, Dena Hall Nelson, Misheila Pasamonte, Cindy Tse,  Liz Vilchis

Employing technology, innovation and teamwork, this team has created new and convenient access points to specialty services. By expanding dermatology service options to patients at several UHA locations while pivoting to telehealth, the UHA/SHC Dermatology team exemplifies how a digitally driven approach can streamline and expand access to high-quality care.


Nursing Quality Team

Team Members: Moses Albaniel, Darvin Antonio, Patrice Duhon, and Tracy Ou

The Nursing Quality team’s dedication has ensured that Stanford Medicine provides consistent, evidence-based, patient-centered nursing care. Their work has been critical to Stanford Medicine’s mission and has saved and improved countless lives.

Green Button Team

Team Members: Alison Callahan, Saurabh Gombar, Robert Harrington, Ken Jung, Vladimir Polony, and Nigam Shah

By developing a technology that amplifies the clinical impact of our world-class faculty and creates outcome-driven recommendations at the point care, the Green Button team exemplifies the transformative power of collaboration at Stanford Medicine.

The Stanford Virtual Heart Team

Team Members: David Axelrod, David Sarno

The Stanford Virtual Heart team exemplifies the transformative power of collaboration and Stanford Medicine’s global vision. The technology will have a profound impact on the future of education and patient care far beyond Stanford Medicine.

Tim Keyes

Through Tim’s development and teaching of the first-year LGBTQ pre-clinical curriculum, service as co-chair of the Minority Medical Alliance, and efforts to develop the LGBTQ+ Forum, Tim has proven to be an exceptional leader and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.  Tim’s efforts have made Stanford Medicine more diverse and more inclusive and will have a lasting and profound effect on or community.


Who can be nominated for the ISP Star Awards?

Any individuals/teams from the Stanford Medicine Community (SOM, SHC, SCH, ValleyCare, UHA, PCHA). Those who wish to submit a nomination should demonstrate how the work (a current initiative, new project, etc.) directly contributes to one or more of the ISP's three strategic priorities: value focused, digitally driven, uniquely Stanford. 

How often will the awards be given?

Awards are presented to winners annually in the Fall. Nominations are currently being accepted and are due August 31, 2020.

How can nominations be submitted?

Faculty and staff can nominate individuals via a web form on our ISP website. A committee will review nominations and determine award recipients.

Nomination Form

Can I nominate myself? 

Absolutely! If you believe you are deserving of an award, please submit a nomination for yourself via our web form. 

What will the award recipients receive?

Award recipients will receive a plaque and gift in recognition of their accomplishments.