Change Management and Customer Requests

All requests for changes to systems or applications, whether originated by the client or by TDS operations staff, must go through the TDS change management process for approval. The process starts with a request submitted via HelpSU. Requests will be logged, then sent via email to the authorized client for approval. The client will return the request via email with approval or denial of the request. With the exception of emergencies, requests will not be done without client approval. In the case of an emergency, the client will be contacted as quickly as feasible and informed of the changes.

Types of Requests:

Standard Customer Requests

All standard requests for account changes or other non-emergency requests must be submitted via a HelpSU ticket. The request must include:

  • Client name
  • System name
  • Application name
  • Nature of the request
  • Date the change is needed
  • Problem severity (Level 1, 2, 3 or 4)

Emergency Customer Requests

Emergency requests must be submitted either in person or via the Data Center hot line at (650) 725-8000.  If the call transfers to voicemail, leave a message which includes your name and a phone number for us to call back.  The on-call Systems Administrator will be automatically paged within 5 minutes and will return your call.

Customer Escalation

If problems are not resolved to the client’s satisfaction by the above methods, the client can escalate the response by contacting TDS management in the following order:

  1. Director, Data Center
  2. Director, ISG
  3. Chief Information Officer

Systems Request Authority

We grant authority for changes based on a customer-specific addendum: you must provide us with a list of those with the authority to make changes, including name, email address, and phone numbers for work, home, and cell.