Levels of Service

Basic Hosting

The server or rack of servers is housed in a secured facility, which is monitored and environmentally controlled. Escorted access is provided. System administration and data backup are NOT included.

System Administration

Includes all basic hosting services, plus system administration of supported applications and supported servers. Includes data backup/recovery. Can also include database or application administration, for an extra fee.

Service Provided Basic Hosting System Administration
Data center facilities: computer racks, electrical power, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), climate control and high-speed networking x x
Data center help desk x x
Remote console access to hosted servers x x
Health and security monitoring of servers, computer room access and environmental conditions, using cameras, software, firewalls and regular audits x x
Notification of service outages, hardware alerts and maintenance windows x x
Escorted data center access to hosted servers (available by appointment) x  
Maintenance of hardware and software licensing and support contracts   x
System and security monitoring and audits   x
System updates, performance tuning, patch updates, daily security updates and occasional user requests   x
Capacity planning, server builds, project management, installations and deployment for new servers and applications   x
Backup/recovery and offsite data storage   x
Email-based Remedy support (HelpSU)   x
On-call support with emergency paging: 8-5 M-F response to system failures; 7x24 best-effort response to system failures, upgradeable to 7x24 response for critical services.   x
Windows domain administration, webauth and ldap lookup installation and support   x
Application administration and hosting, user management to support the applications   x
One instance each of Tomcat and apache for webservers   x
System documentation   x
  Basic Hosting System Administration