Hosting Rates

The items listed below are the elements used to create an estimate of charges for a server hosted and/or managed by the data center.  NOTE: The rates listed here are current rates; all rates subject to change. Please review this list and submit a HelpSU ticket to request a quote.

Generally the cost to have a server hosted and administered is approximately $474 per month and includes all administration services, upgrades, monitoring and backup of up to 500 GB data. Additional backup requirements are charged at the rate of $154 per month per additional 1TB, charged in groups of 500 GB.

Data Center Services

Monthly Cost Per Service
System Admin

   Standard machine hosted in TDS Data Center


   Standard rack hosted in TDS Data Center


   OS, Patches, Backup, basic admin


   Additional Web, Wiki, Blog (one included with basic admin)


    For each: Apache, Jboss, Tomcat, PHP, ASP (one included in basic admin)


   Per TDS-Supported Instance

Simple Application Support (SAS, Element, Capture)

   Per TDS-Supported (one included in basic admin)


   Complex Application Configuration and Support

Complexity Factor

   Additional backup or logging space (per 500 GB)

Non-Static Hosted Web Sites on Production Environment

   Per non-static web site

Technical Project Management

   Number of hours/month


   • Rates last updated: Sept. 1, 2018