Server Hosting Policies

  • All hosted servers must fulfill the requirements outlined below.
  • Not every customer needs their own separate server, as virtual servers (VMs) are supported technology. While we cannot offer space for a VM on our own infrastructure, people within the same department may share one server to run multiple VMs.
  • TDSĀ Data Center Services cannot offer refunds.

Requirements to Host a Server in the Data Center:

ALL Servers

  • Must be rack mountable.
  • Must be standard supportable hardware.
  • ALL hosted servers will be subject to Medical School security requirements and HIPAA regulations.
  • ALL hosted servers must undergo a Security Assessment conducted by our security and data center teams

Basic Hosting

  • Hosted-only systems are managed by the customers and as such, may include any hardware that the customer can support.
  • If the customer supplies a rack, the customer must also provide a UPS and some method of getting to the console, such as a kvm; there will be a per-rack charge.

Hosting with System Admin

  • Managed servers MUST have a valid warranty; upon expiration, there will be an automatic change in status (and accompanying rates) to hosting with system administrationā€”unless negotiated while renewing the warranty.
  • Servers must have redundant power supplies.
  • Servers preferred to be Dell Power Edge servers (there may be additional charges for non-standard hardware)
  • All user accounts must be sunetid accounts.