Getting Started with Server Hosting

Which Level of Service?

We offer two types of service: basic hosting, and hosting with system administration. A hosted-only server is generally $244 per month, which includes no administration. Generally the cost to have a server hosted and administered is approximately $474 per month and includes all administration services, upgrades, monitoring and backup of up to 500 GB data. Additional backup requirements are charged at the rate of $150 per month per additional 500 GB.

For more, see the complete list of rates.

What Kind of Hardware?

All servers in the IRT Data Center must meet our configuration requirements. You may choose to have your own server, or run a VM on a server that is shared by your department. If you choose to get a new server, we will request one or multiple quotes for you from DELL, once we know approximately how much data will be stored in total. We send you the quotes; you complete the order yourself.

What we need from You

First Steps: Setup

To start the process of having us host your server, please submit a HelpSU ticket. In the initial setup phase, we will need the following information:

  • Which group is sponsoring the server?
  • Who is the PI or owner?
  • What is the PTA? (Project Task Award to be charged)
  • Who is the DFA? (Director of Finance or signing authority)
  • What service is provided by the server?
  • What function is being supported and to which community of users?
  • Will the server have HIPAA data or other HIPAA-related issues?
  • What is the expected timeframe the server will be hosted at IRT?

Next Steps: Installation

Once we've started the process, you will need to take the following next steps in order for us to move your server into the data center:

  • Order hardware based on our quote (if necessary).
  • Specify user access requirements: Stanford or outside; firewall info.
  • Send us an email authorizing use of the PTA.
  • Complete a security audit (meet with security team).
  • Provide the base url ( to be set up and monitored.
  • Notify us if we need to purchase SSL certificate.
  • For a database server, specify who is to provide database administration (additional charge if DCS).