Box Drive for School of Medicine Users

Why Use Box Drive

Box Drive enables you to stream files stored in Medicine Box to your desktop.

Access all your Medicine Box files from the comfort of your desktop without the need to use much of your actual hard drive space. Work with these files in the cloud just as if they were on your desktop through Mac Finder or Windows Explorer. Whether you create a new Microsoft Word document or edit a PDF in Adobe, the changes you make will automatically save back to Medicine Box. You can also right click any file or folder to leverage collaborative Box features such as sharing, locking and creating Box Notes.

Box Drive Features

  • Search and access all your files stored in Box right from your desktop
  • Any files shared with you, including read-only, will automatically appear in Drive
  • Automatically retain versions of files every time you click "save"
  • Reduce the risk of data loss by having your files stored in the cloud and not on your machine
  • Files take less space on your hard drive 


More information on Stanford Medicine Box can be found here

Data Security

For Stanford University affiliates, Medicine Box and Box Drive are approved for use with Low, Moderate, and High Risk Data.

Get Started with Box Drive

To install and use Box Drive, follow the links below:

Box Drive for Mac

Box Drive for Windows

Using Box Drive Basics

Additional Resources