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REFRESH: The science of sleep for optimal performance and well being

REFRESH is an 8-week email delivered sleep-health program for college students. It was developed by Mickey Trockel MD. PhD. and Rachel Manber PhD. in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University. The REFRESH program is based on CBT strategies for insomnia and poor sleep quality. It offers a cost-effective way for students with poor sleep quality to improve their sleep and research shows it also reduces depressive symptom severity.

Citation: Trockel, M., Manber, R., Chang, V., Thurston, A., Taylor, C. B. 2011 An e-mail delivered CBT for sleep-health program for college students: effects on sleep quality and depression symptoms. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine 7(3): 276-281.

Sleep Diary

Brief Instructional Video – Sleep Diary (4 min)

Analogue Sleep Diary

Brief instructional video – Analogue Sleep Diary (3.5 min)

Tips for Sleeping Well in a Time of Isolation