Science in Progress 2022-2023

Seminars & Events

The Science in Progress (SIP) Talks feature research presentations by senior graduate students and postdoctorals to the immunology community. SIP Talks happen in person or via Zoom and graduates, fellows, and faculty are welcome to attend.  The sessions will take place every other week and weekly announcements will continue to be sent out through the Immunology email list.  

Please note: Graduate Student SIPs are on Wednesdays at 12-1PM PT. See locations below. Stanford graduate students, postdocs, and faculty may contact or for more info. Lunch provided.

Postdoctoral SIPs are hosted via Zoom or in person. See below for details.

Graduate Students SIPs (SIP & Munch)

October 5, 2022 in MSOB X303

Bryan Cannon, Bendall Lab, Studying neurodegeneration at the single-cell level

Tejas Dharmaraj, Bollyky Lab, Engineering an extended-release high-dose phage hydrogel

November 2, 2022 in LK130

Naomi Haddock, Bollyky Lab, Circulating phage DNA in lung transplant rejection

Lilit Grigorian, Pulendran Lab, Evaluating the immune response to adjuvanted vaccines


December 7, 2022 in LK130

Erin Soon, Angelo Lab, Spatio-temporal immune coordination at the Maternal-Fetal interface

Hayley Raquer, Idoyaga Lab, TBD


January 11, 2023 in LK102

Joy Pai, Satpathy Lab, Systematic lineage tracing of T cell responses during immune checkpoint blockade

Jimena Pavlovitch-Bedzyk, Davis Lab, TBD


February 1, 2023 in LK102

Frank Buquicchio, Satpathy Lab, TBD

Candace Liu, Angelo Lab, TBD 


March 1, 2023 in LK102

Joseph Gonzalez, Wang Lab, TBD 

Katherine Nico, Howitt Lab, TBD


April 5, 2023 - location TBD

Valentino Sudaryo, Li Lab, Uncovering the mechanism of extracellular cGAMP signaling in T cells

Camilo Espinosa, Aghaeepour Lab, Modeling Immune Cell Perturbations with Deep Learning


May 3, 2023 - location TBD

Rachel Ee, Bendall Lab, TBD

Preksha Bhagchandani, Kim and Meyer Labs, Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation promotes Islet Allotolerance and diabetes reversal


June 7, 2023 - location TBD

Kalani Ratnasiri, Blish and Khatri Labs, TBD

Gita Abhiraman, Garcia Lab, Engineering the immunomodulatory actions of IL-21


July 12, 2023 - location TBD

Aaron Trotman-Grant, Majeti Lab, TBD


August 2, 2023 - location TBD

Grayson Rodriguez, Garcia Lab, TBD


September 6, 2023 - location TBD

Postdoctoral SIPs

Download Science in Progress Seminar Series 2022 flyer here

Zoom link | Meeting ID: 9243 3894 154 | Password: 319319

September 30, 2022 via Zoom

John Hickey, Nolan Lab, T cell mediated Tumor Tissue Restructuring

Moderator: Yuting Jessy Tan
Friday at 9:00-10:00 AM PT on Zoom


October 28, 2022

Volker Bohnert, Li Lab, ENPP1 is an innate immune checkpoint by degrading extracellular cGAMP

Moderator: Sayane Shome
Friday at 9:00-10:00 AM PT on Zoom


November 25, 2022

No seminar - Thanksgiving holiday


December 30, 2022

No seminar - Winter Closure


January 27, 2023



February 24, 2023



March 31, 2023



April 28, 2023



May 26, 2023



June 30, 2023



July 28, 2023



August 25, 2023