Science in Progress 2020-2021

Seminars & Events

The Science in Progress (SIP) Talks feature research presentations by senior graduate students to the immunology community. SIP Talks happen on Thursdays at 12:30 pm and graduates, fellows, and faculty are welcome to attend.  The sessions will take place every other week and weekly announcements will continue to be sent out through the Immunology email list.  

Please note: SIPs 2020-2021 are hosted via Zoom. Stanford graduate students, postdocs, and faculty may contact or for more info.

Autumn Quarter

Nov November 05 Thu 2020

Aditya Rao

Khatri Lab

"MANATEE: A novel multi-cohort framework for analysis of host response signatures"

Winter Quarter

Jan January 14 Thu 2021

Caleb Glassman

Garcia Lab

"IL-12 family cytokines"

Jan January 28 Thu 2021

Kameron Rodrigues

Jaiswal and Montgomery Labs

"Macrophages and Aging"

Feb February 11 Thu 2021

Alex Muselman

Engleman Lab

"Investigating the role of iron metabolism in macrophages during MS/EAE development"

Feb February 25 Thu 2021

Josselyn Pena

Krams Lab

"Investigating the Role of Natural Killer Cells in the Control of Latent Epstein-Barr Virus Infection"

Spring Quarter

Apr April 15 Thu 2021

Graham Barlow

Nolan and Bollyky Labs

"Islet Heterogeneity and Fate in Type I Diabetes"

May May 13 Thu 2021

Geoff Ivison

Bendall and Blish Labs

"NK cell receptors, ligands, and the latent HIV reservoir"