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Annual Scientific Conference 2020

Friday, November 6, 2020 at 11:00 AM - 9:30 PM PDT

We are pleased to present an exciting retreat, taking place virtually this year. It will be filled with presentations and posters by postdocs and graduate students from across the Stanford Immunology community. We are honored to have keynote speaker, Christopher Barnes, PhD, from Caltech speaking about "Structural classification of neutralizing antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 spike receptor-binding domain suggests vaccine and therapeutic strategies." Dr. Barnes will be joining the Stanford faculty in the Department of Biolology next year. We then wrap up the retreat with fun Social Hours. 

See agenda below (subject to change).

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Poster Sessions and Social Hours will be held via Gather Town and will not need registration.

2020 Stanford Immunology Conference Schedule

All talks will be hosted on Zoom. Once you register, you will receive a unique login and password. The Poster Session and Social Hours will be held via Gather Town. Please see the attachments for details on the conference agenda & abstracts and instructions to log onto Gather Town.

Time (PDT)

Speaker & Title



11:00 - 11:05 am

Conference Directors: Michael Howitt, PhD, and Sidd Jaiswal, MD, PhD, Welcome and Introductions


Session 1

Graduate/Postdoc Talks

11:05 am - 11:20 am

Graham Barlow, Bollyky and Nolan Labs, Tissue Schematics: assemblies of cellular neighborhoods as maps of tissue architecture

11:20 - 11:35 am

Sizun Jiang, Nolan Lab, Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging of Nucleic Acids and Proteins Resolves the Immune-Pathogen Landscape of Viral Diseases

11:35 - 11:50 am

Erin McCaffrey, Angelo Lab, Multiplexed imaging of human tuberculosis granulomas uncovers immunoregulatory features conserved across tissue and blood

11:50 am - 12:05 pm

Felix Hartmann, Bendall Lab, Single-cell metabolic profiling of human immune cells


12:05 - 12:15 pm



Session 2

Graduate/Postdoc Talks

12:15 - 12:30 pm

Aaron Wilk, Blish Lab, Multimodal single-cell profiling of COVID-19 immunity reveals neutrophil activation and monocyte silence are associated with disease severity and outcome

12:30 - 12:45 pm

Jiaying Toh, Khatri and Martinez Labs, Pan-virus multi-cohort analysis of host immune response identifies immune correlates associated with the severity of viral infection

12:45 - 1:00 pm

Aditya Rao, Khatri Lab, Multi-cohort analysis of host immune response identifies conserved protective and detrimental modules that predict infection severity irrespective of viral pathogen


1:00 - 1:15 pm


1:15 - 2:00 pm

Lunch/Poster Session via Gather Town. See page 16 for presenters and abstracts.


Session 3

Graduate/Postdoc Talks

2:00 - 2:15 pm

Amy Fan, Majeti Lab, Cytokine Rescue of Inflammation-Sensitive RUNX1 Deficient Human CD34+ Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells

2:15 - 2:30 pm

Ariel Calderon, Bendall Lab, Characterization of Natural Killer Cell Hematopoietic Precursors in Human Hematopoiesis

2:30 - 2:45 pm

Caleb Glassman, Garcia Lab, Structural basis for IL-12 receptor assembly enables functional dissection of actions on T and NK cells

2:45 - 3:00 pm

Nora Vivanco, Bendall and Palmer Labs, Gestational Immune Profiling Reveals Specialized PD-L1 expressing Mononuclear Phagocytes at the Feto-Maternal Interface


3:00 - 3:10 pm



Session 4

Graduate/Postdoc Talks

3:10 - 3:25 pm

Lawrence Bai, Habtezion and Khatri Labs, Molecular and Clinical Data Integration Identifies an Association Between Decreased Colectomy Rates and Atorvastatin Exposure in Ulcerative Colitis Patients: A Retrospective Cohort Study

3:25 - 3:40 pm

Camille Brewer, Robinson Lab, Rheumatoid Arthritis Autoantibodies Bind Oral Bacteria Detected in Blood Prior to Flare

3:40 - 3:55 pm

Kartik Bhamidipati, Robinson Lab, CD52 is Elevated on B cells of SLE Patients and Regulates B Cell Function

3:55 - 4:10 pm

Yoni Rubin, Habtezion Lab, Effects of processing conditions on stability of immune analytes in human blood


4:10 - 4:20 pm



4:20 - 4:50 pm

Meet Christopher Barnes, PhD

4:50 - 5:20 pm

CDIII: Community, Diversity and Inclusion in Immunology

5:20 - 6:00 pm


6:00 - 7:00 pm

Keynote: Christopher Barnes, PhD, Structural classification of neutralizing antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 spike receptor-binding domain suggests vaccine and therapeutic strategies


7:00 - 7:30 pm


7:30 - 9:30 pm

Social Hours via Gather Town


Immunology Scientific Conference Presentation Submission Form 2020

Deadline: Wednesday, September 30, 2020

We are now accepting abstract submissions for our Annual Scientific Conference, taking place on Friday, November 6, 2020 virtually. The format will be an online presentation of your talk or poster. Postdocs on the Immunology Training Grant are required to give either an oral or a poster presentation, typically towards the end of their training period. Graduate students are required to attend and give at least one poster and one scientific oral presentation. Preference for talks will be given to graduates who are nearing program completion and to postdocs towards the end of their training period.

To present an oral presentation:
- Submit an abstract.
- Include the citation, including PMCID number if your research is published.
- If chosen for a talk, you will be asked to give a preview of your presentation to our Scientific Conference Planning Committee (date to be scheduled)

To present a poster:
- Submit an abstract.
- Include the citation, including PMCID number if your research is published.
- If chosen for a poster, we ask you to prepare a PDF version and a high-resolution PNG image of your poster (at least 1000px in width, 600px in height, maximum 3MB file size). Submit these two files, along with your name, lab, email, poster title, and brief (<200 word) abstract below by October 26, 2020.

Submit your files to:
*If you are asked to sign in to continue, please use your SUNet ID and password.

We will contact you as soon as possible if your abstract is chosen for an oral or poster presentation.

Registration for the conference itself will open soon, please stay tuned.