Annual Scientific Retreat at Asilomar
November 8-10, 2019

Photo courtesy of Albert Tsai

The Annual Scientific Conference is held on the California coast at the Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove.  It is attended by graduate students, postdocs, SU faculty and staff of the Stanford Immunology program.

Talk are given by various members of the Immunology community, in addition to a poster session competition.  Awards for best grad student and postdoc posters are awarded at the end of the retreat.

Immunology graduate students are required to attend and give at least one poster and one scientific presentation at Asilomar during their years in the program.

New first years are recommended to use this opportunity to get to know their classmates and fellow graduate students, as well as to learn more about faculty research interests.

Past retreats have also included a bonfire near the beach and a game show featuring the incoming first years.

Conference crowd

The First Years versus the Faculty in Family Feud

The Second Years lead the festivities