McDevitt Award

The Hugh McDevitt Award recognizes and awards a graduating PhD candidate in the Immunology Program for excellence in his or her doctoral dissertation research. The PhD candidate shall be chosen from a group of candidates who have defended and submitted their thesis to the Registrar in a given academic year. The McDevitt Fellow shall be awarded $1,000.

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Criteria for Excellence

The candidate’s doctoral dissertation research is judged by the Immunology Program’s Executive Committee to be of the highest quality in immunology research.


Immunology Program Faculty Mentors interested in nominating their graduate students must submit a letter of nomination to the Immunology Graduate Program Committee.

We will obtain the following from the nominated students:

• A curriculum vitae and the fellowship nomination sheet (provided by the student)

• A brief outline of the dissertation project (provided by the student, no more than 400 words, double-spaced).

Contact Lina Hansen for more information.

Past Awardees

Amy Fan, PhD

Majeti Lab
Genetic blood disorders and inflammation: Characterizing cell autonomous & non-autonomous contributions of RUNX1 loss in hematopoiesis and leukemogenesis

Katherine Freitas, PhD

Mackall Lab
Enhanced T cell effector activity by targeting the Mediator kinase module

Caleb Glassman, PhD

Garcia Lab
Structure-based cytokine engineering

David Glass, PhD

Bendall Lab
Applied single-cell methods for basic and translational immunology

Becky Leylek, PhD

Idoyaga Lab
High dimensional analysis of the human dendritic cell network: discovery of a novel transitional dendritic cell population related to plasmacytoid dendritic cells

Yoni Rubin, PhD

Habtezion and Robinson Labs
Single-cell analysis of immunity in inflammatory bowel diseases

Hugh McDevitt, MD

Other Awards