April 2022 | Issue 2

Would you like to hear more about our meetings?  Please visit https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ANuZJRf-h6NlUk9PVA to read our meeting minutes. 


We are excited to introduce the Immunology Prosper Program, a new second mentor program that we hope will connect Immunology graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with faculty (one-on-one) who can serve as advisors supporting the trainees on issues outside of their research. 23 faculty mentors were selected based on nominations from current graduate students and postdocs in the program. Students and postdocs can look for announcements on how to apply to this program.

SIRPA (Stanford Immunology Review Program for Applicants)

SIRPA is a student-conceptualized and led initiative aimed at better preparing prospective applicants in crafting strong, focused applications to Immunology Ph.D. programs. In 2021, there were 21 current Immunology PhD mentors paired with a cohort of 46 prospective applicants. Anonymous outcome surveys revealed an overwhelmingly positive impact left on participants, and the SIRPA organizers are excited to expand and strengthen these efforts in 2022!

We interviewed our new members and asked them:

“Why did you join CDIII? What visions do you have for the community at Stanford Immunology?”

Equity and inclusion are words that have been talked about a lot for the past few years, but I want to bring some tractable action to the advocacy of all students, specifically those who have been historically excluded from academia. I want to discuss and build long-lasting programs and policies that make the Stanford Immunology community stronger and make students and staff feel understood.
- Gabe Barron
I wanted to be able to make sure that future students entering Stanford can make the most of their experience by lowering the barriers to entry and removing various inhibitions various groups tend to experience in higher education. To make Stanford Immunology a place in which students feel safe, supported, and encouraged in both work and life.
- Ben Oberlton
I joined CDIII because I wanted to bring forth the issues students were experiencing and address them with faculty so tangible changes could be made to improve student wellbeing. I hope to improve both the culture and representation at Stanford to reflect our modern society.
- Sarah Sackey
I joined CDIII to contribute creating new initiatives in the immunology program to increase diversity and inclusion through mentorship and education. My vision is to increase equity and inclusion in academia through both outreach and internal change at Stanford.
- Izumi de los Rios Kobara
As a gay POC who struggled to find mentors who identified similar to me throughout my undergrad, I want to work toward increasing the diversity and inclusion in our Immunology community so that other trainees can resonate with scientists like them. I firmly believe that diversity is one of our greatest strengths and I hope that through CDIII, we can truly begin to include more diversity and celebrate it within our community. Within Stanford Immunology, I hope that we can build strong relationships among trainees and faculty that allows for open conversations around the wellbeing of our community members beyond research.
- Adonis Rubio

2021 FACULTY SURVEY HIGHLIGHTS: We asked the Stanford Immunology faculty to self assess where they rank on several questions regarding DEIB issues! Some preliminary results below, and more to come soon!

Our immediate next steps aim to:

  • Facilitate faculty training regarding DEIB issues
  • Facilitate communication between members of our Immunology community regarding DEIB issues

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