Stanford Immunology Commitment to Justice and Action

DEIB Initiatives in Immunology

09/2020 Establish CDIII Committee
01/2022 Trainees join the CDIII Committee as 2022 members
10/2020 Sponsor A Conversation with Dr. Ibram X. Kendi
11/2020 Sponsor Black in Immuno 2020
11/2021 Sponsor Black in Immuno 2021
11/2022 - Planned Sponsor Black in Immuno 2022
03/2021 Collect Stanford Immunology Survey for the identification of critical problems
09/2021 Host Stanford Immunology Preview Program (SIPP)
09/2022 Host Stanford Immunology Preview Program (SIPP)
09/2021 Advise and create new form for Faculty application to the Immunology Program
10/2021 Start SIRPA Program
10/2022 SIRPA Program
11/2021 Collect Stanford Immunology Faculty Reflective Survey
11/2021 Recognition of trainee work on the CDIII committee through compensation
11/2022 - Planned Recognition of trainee work on the CDIII committee through compensation
04/2022 Sponsor A Virtual Conversation with Dorothy Roberts
Ongoing Host monthly CDIII Meetings for updates and discuss progress
  We’ve been meeting once a month to:
• understand problems in the Stanford Immunology community
• recommend creative solutions
• apply solutions and follow outcomes over time
• design ways to help and support all members of the community
Ongoing Provide mentoring and bias training resources to faculty and collect data
Ongoing Faculty participation as OFDD diversity Liasons
Ongoing Stanford Immunology Prosper Program
Ongoing Increase transparency and communication between CDIII and community members, including presentations at 2020 and 2021 Immunology Scientific Conference, innagural quarterly CDIII Newsletter 2021-2022, and access to monthly CDIII meeting notes via shared Google Drive
Ongoing Open channels of communication between member of the Immunology community, including Annual Town Halls with graduate students and program leadership
Ongoing Training record of faculty (available if requested)