We are a campus resource for research and education, and are always looking for rotating students, summer students (through the RSL REU program), independent studies for undergraduate students, and collaborators.  If you would like to learn about AR/VR, try out ideas, or become involved in our projects, please contact us.

We also teach the RAD 206 (Mixed Reality in Medicine) course, which is a great opportunity to learn more and get involved.  This is a project course primarily targeted to engineering students who wish to learn about mixed-reality technology and apply it to real-world medical problems. Students are given hands-on experience learning to develop for the Microsoft HoloLens and are guided through medical application projects with mentorship from practicing medical faculty and fellows.  This course is offered by the Department of Radiology to all Stanford students.  The IMMERS facilities, personnel and sponsors will all contribute to the course.  In particular, we are grateful to Microsoft for providing mixed-reality headsets and the VPTL for a small funding grant.  Please note that due to COVID-19, teaching of this course is currently on hold; we hope to be able to offer it again at some point in 2021.

For examples of previous projects by students in the lab, please visit this page.

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