Program Description

Students who pursue the Immunology Application are required to complete a total of 6 units which may be fulfilled by any combination of the following courses with approval of the IMM Director: Translational Immunology (IMMUNOL 209, 1 unit per quarter), Immunology Research Seminars for Medical Students (IMMUNOL 210, 2 units per quarter), Applied Computational Immunology (IMMUNOL 310), and/or Special Topics in Immunology (IMMUNOL 315, 1 unit per quarter). These units may be distributed throughout the Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters.

Additional course work may be applied if first discussed with the Immunology Scholarly Concentration Director, Dr. Paul Bollyky.

A project mentor should be selected during the first two years. All prospective students are encouraged to attend the annual three day immunology retreat at Asilomar to meet the Immunology faculty and students in a dynamic, pleasant, and intensive setting.

We offer a PhD program within the IDP in Immunology. We share course offerings with the programs in the Scholarly Concentrations in Immunology, and predict that some of the students will elect to do an MD/PhD.