In conjunction with the Multidisciplinary Program in Immunology, and the Stanford Institute for Immunology, Transplantation and Infection, this program provides students with access to faculty who are engaged in areas such as: basic research in immunology; autoimmunity, host-parasite interactions and pathogenesis; transplantation, regenerative medicine, and their touch-points to clinical immunology (including many chronic diseases); organ transplantation; clinical infectious diseases; and emerging global infections.

Not only will studying immunology provide strong opportunities for scholarship, but this program can also contribute to improved clinical skills. All aspects of immunology are highly relevant to “translational medicine,” and application of bench research or scholarship to the bedside is a natural, frequent, and important aspect of modern medicine.  A large segment of the faculty has joint membership in the Center for Clinical Immunity at Stanford. Many of the laboratories work with human materials or animal models of human diseases. Many of the faculty members currently have experimental therapies in clinical trials.