2019 ISMRM Awards

May 2019.

Group members received Summa Cum Laude (top 5% of submitted abstracts) and Magna Cum Laude (top 15% of submitted abstracts) merit awards for their research work at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the ISMRM in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Summa Cum Laude Merit Awards:

Akshay Chaudhari - "5-Minute Quantitative Double-Echo in Steady-State for High-Value Diagnostic Knee MRI: Combining an Efficient Multi-Contrast Acquisition with Quantitative Imaging and Artificial Intelligence"


Magna Cum Laude Merit Awards:

Akshay Chaudhari - "Evaluating the Use of Deep-Learning Super-Resolution for Obtaining Osteoarthritis Biomarkers"

Yuxin Hu - "Reconstruction of multi-shot diffusion-weighted MRI using unrolled network with U-nets as priors"

Valentina Mazzoli - "Gait retraining as a conservative treatment for medial knee OA: preliminary findings"

Elka Rubin - "GagCEST at 3T Can Detect Cartilage Differences Between Healthy and OA Subjects"

Arjun Desai also won a Musculoskeletal Study Group award for 2nd place oral presentation.


Congratulations to all!!