Basic & Translational Research

Analysis of healthy and diseased lung tissue provides a rich and critical resource for understanding the causes of inflammation and scar formation in ILD.

Dr. Tushar Desai is a leader in the fields of lung stem cell biology, lung injury and repair, and diseases of the gas exchange region. He is a member of the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine and his lab employs a variety of cutting-edge techniques to study IPF and other lung diseases, including lung slice cultures and stem cell organoid cultures.

Dr. Desai’s lab has co-developed powerful multiplexed staining technologies for use in human lung tissue. These staining tools complement sophisticated genomic studies of healthy and diseased human lungs and the insights they yield provide the foundation for identifying new and effective treatments for IPF and other fatal lung diseases. Several pulmonary physician scientists are researching different aspects of IPF under Dr. Desai’s guidance.

Dr. Tushar Desai

Our group works closely with our ILD, rheumatology, medical transplant, and surgical transplant colleagues to identify the causes of and potential treatments for ILDs. We collect patient lung and skin tissue samples that are grown in culture and analyzed using advanced research techniques to decipher in which cells the disease originates. These studies shed light on potential treatments to control the abnormal cells that can help halt the disease process and prevent further lung damage. Our group is also interested in the potential role of diseased lung stem cells in causing ILD and the possibility of transplanting healthy stem cells into the lung as a treatment for IPF

- Tushar Desai, MD