In-depth Resource Information

If you or a loved one is diagnosed with an Interstitial Lung Disease, you may be overwhelmed with new information related to all of the testing and new treatments that might be prescribed.

You may have many unanswered questions about how this will affect your life, what to expect for the future, and how to deal with the symptoms of your lung problem or side effects of medications and other treatments. It is critical to have access to accurate information and support. There are many resources available to you and your family that provide accurate and supportive information.

“Our patients have so much more on their plate than just cough and shortness of breath. Dealing with health issues also brings life issues – work, insurance, finances, coping, mental health, family dynamics, and resource challenges to name a few. My role is to help people figure out how to make life work with their new normal.

- Kate Yablonsky, LCSW