About Us

The clinical program consists of pulmonary physicians collaborating closely with thoracic radiology, interventional pulmonology, pulmonary pathology, thoracic surgery, rheumatology, gastroenterology and transplant medicine.

 The program fosters a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment of interstitial lung diseases, and is centered on the weekly multidisciplinary interstitial lung disease conference which is attended regularly by these experts.

Given the relative rarity of the disorder, the diagnosis and the optimal therapeutic approach to a complicated interstitial lung disease can be less than clear even to the most experienced physicians working in isolation. The team members, each an expert in their own field, contribute to the final diagnostic and treatment plan for each of our patients. The patient may see one of many of these specialists during their clinical visits. Other team members such as thoracic radiology and pulmonary pathology may not directly interact with the patients, but their input is nonetheless crucial in formulating an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan. Input from all the relevant specialists is taken into account when making diagnostic and therapeutic decisions for all patients.

This multidisciplinary approach is considered the standard of care and leads to better diagnostic and therapeutic decisions in patients with interstitial lung disease.