About Stanford Medicine

Together, we are leading a revolution in biomedicine—one where health care is proactive and preventative, personalized, and precise. We have a powerful story to tell where unsurpassed expertise meets purposeful collaboration.

Stanford Medicine architecture

As a collective, we are more powerful than the sum of our parts. The Stanford Medicine brand symbolizes the School of Medicine and the pediatric and adult health care delivery systems, united by a shared mission to improve human health.

Find more detailed information about our brand architecture and each organization (e.g., brand name, legal name, acronym).

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Stanford Medicine brand narrative

Our narrative is a concise, comprehensive story of the Stanford Medicine collective brand.

It describes what makes Stanford Medicine unique so everyone in the ecosystem can easily convey these ideas to both internal and external audiences. You may use the narrative as leadership-approved language for inclusion in materials moving forward.

Stanford Medicine is an ecosystem comprising the School of Medicine and the pediatric and adult health care delivery systems. Together, we harness the full potential of biomedicine through collaborative research, education, and clinical care. Precision Health is at the core of what we do, preventing disease before it strikes and treating it decisively when it does.

Together, uniting our diverse perspectives and collective expertise for the greater good, we are Stanford Medicine.

Questions about the Stanford School of Medicine brand? Email us: sombranding@stanford.edu