Promotional Items

Like our other branded materials, our promotional items must accurately, positively, and consistently reflect our brand. Licensed vendors must be used to produce any products that feature the Stanford School of Medicine marks, including items for internal use (which include giveaways).

Licensed Vendor List: Vendors on this list may be used for custom products being purchased by Stanford groups for internal use only. (Internal use includes products given away by campus groups as swag.) Should you have a promotional item that your team would like to create for resale, please reach out to  Stanford Trademark Licensing  for further details. 

Using the right colors

Promotional items with various color backgrounds require specific logo color combinations. When choosing promotional products, please use the chart below as a guide to which logo applications will be approved for production. 

  • Do not create a red/white version of the logo for any use
  • Do not use a full color verison over a dark background
  • Do not create a red only version of the logo for any use
  • Be sure to use the proper Cardinal red for print (PMS 201 or CMYK. Never use the RGB colors for print or CMYK for web.)

Applying the Identity to products & merchandise

3 Approved Layouts

In order to accommodate various sizes and positions on products & merchandise you may choose to use one of the 3 approved department signature layouts.


  • Lettering should never placed below the Stanford Medicine shield.
  • As a brand, "Stanford Medicine" cannot be displayed without the shield to the left.
  • To ensure the quality of reproduction, it is not recommended to use the logo at a size smaller than 1 inch.
  • There should always be a clear space surrounding the signature or wordmark, with no type or graphics appearing in the zone.  The minimum clear space is equal to f, which represents the letter height of the logo type.
  • Stanford Medicine allows purchase of promotional product (tshirt, jacket, etc) with departmental branding for employee use only.
  • All layouts should be requesteted and/or approved by the Stanford Medicine branding office.
  • Learn more about Stanford University branding guidelines.

Questions about the Stanford School of Medicine brand? Email us: