Stanford School of Medicine Logo Generator

Consistent branding is an important part of elevating the Stanford School of Medicine identity. For most School of Medicine applications, we encourage the use of the School of Medicine logo; however, we recognize specific-use cases for unit-level signatures. (Unit is defined as institute, program, or shared service.) Using this tool, you can generate and download a Stanford School of Medicine signature package for your unit. Please review the following guidelines before generating your unit signature:



  • Use the unit signature for digital/web applications.
  • Keep the unit signature as simple as possible. 
  • Spell out the full name of the unit.
  • Create signatures for departments, units, institutes, centers, and/or labs.


  • Alter the unit signature after generation. This includes changing fonts, font sizes, and colors as well as moving, removing, or adding elements to the signature.
  • Create unit signatures for clinics, courses, individuals (people, professors, students, staff) or non-official groups.
  • Use a tagline in your unit signature. It is not a part of your unit name.
  • Use acronyms in your unit signature. People may not know what they mean, even if you believe your current audience will.
  • Use other logos with a unit signature. It dilutes your unit's presence.

Instructions: Please fill out the form field(s) below. Your unit signatures will be generated and packaged as a zip file containing PNG, EPS and SVG files. If you have a unit name that goes beyond the maximum character count for logo generation, or need a unit signature for print or promotional items, please contact

Please be patient. It can take up to 30 seconds to generate the full logo package. When everything is ready, the resulting zip file will download directly to your hard drive.

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