About the Stanford School of Medicine

Our mission

Improving health through leadership, diversity, collaborative discoveries, and innovation in health care, education, and research.

At the Stanford School of Medicine, we are proud of our preeminence in defining health care’s future, making and translating discoveries, and developing tomorrow’s health care leaders. We lead the biomedical revolution in Precision Health, preventing disease before it strikes and treating it decisively when it does.

We play an important role in the larger Stanford Medicine story.

We are stronger together than we are apart. Our Stanford Medicine brand represents an ecosystem, and the Stanford School of Medicine is a critical piece of it. Together with the pediatric and adult health care delivery systems—under the Stanford Medicine brand—we are all uniquely poised to transform medical care, research, and training while still being able to deliver on our specific mission.

Stanford Medicine’s strategic components include inpatient care, local and regional outpatient health centers, physician offices, virtual care, navigation services, benefits advocacy services, accountable care and health plan offerings, research and medical education.

Questions about the Stanford School of Medicine brand? Email us: sombranding@stanford.edu