Services at the HTSKC

The Stanford HTSKC offers the following services to ALL Stanford researchers.

  1. Fully automated high-throughput screening (HTS) of Compound Libraries (130,000+ compounds) for both enzyme/protein-based assays and cell-based assays, using the Caliper Life Sciences Staccato system.

  2. Genomic siRNA screening with the siARRAY whole human genome siRNA library from Dharmacon targeting 21,000 genes, using the Agilent Bravo system.

  3. High-Content Screening using the ImageXpress Micro automated fluorescent microscope with live cell, bright field, phase contrast and integrated plate handling with the Thermo Catalyst CRS, and image analysis using the MetaXpress software.

  4. High-Throughput Molecular Biology reagents and services, including access to cDNA libraries (Human ORFeome collection, 15,000 genes) and 96 and 384-well bead clean-ups and PCR setup (Biomek FX and Agilent Bravo), and other automation steps in collaboration with the SFGF and here (iLab link).

  5. High-throughput assay development assistance with cell culture, experiment design, robotic programming and Standard Operating Procedure drafting.

  6. Screening data analysis assistance with protocols, hit determination and structure activity analyses using the MDL chemical database ISIS/HOST, Plate Manager, Assay Explorer and Report Manager.

  7. Use of microplate reader detection systems, including the Tecan Infinite M1000 and Infinite M1000 PRO and Molecular Devices Analyst GT for fluorescence; fluorescence polarization; time-resolved fluorescence; absorbance and luminescence (with injectors and AlphaScreen); and the Flexstation II 384, for kinetic fluorescence reads to measure calcium mobilization and ion channels.

  8. Use of liquid-handling robots, including the Sciclone ALH3000 (96- and 384-well pipetting), Agilent Bravo (96- and 384-well pipetting), Velocity11 VPrep (96-well pipetting), Bio-Tek plate washers/dispensers, Matrix Wellmate and Titertek/Labsystems Multidrop microplate dispensers, and Velocity11 PlateLoc plate heat sealer.

  9. Training for most of these services and much, much more!

Please contact us for more information.