Human cDNA Clones at the HTSKC

We have the Human ORFeome Library in E. coli stocks.

Release 1 (8000 genes), Release 2 (4000 genes), and Release 3 (3000 genes) from Open Biosystems (now Horizon-Perkin Elmer). This set of cDNAs contains the full open reading frames for over 15,000 genes. These clones are derived from fully sequenced Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC) full length cDNAs cloned into recombinational entry vectors (Gateway).

Please contact Dave if you would like information on having access to these entire libraries. If you are interested in just a few clones contact the Horizon or other commercial vendors. 

Information on the ORFeome library can be found in the following files and websites:


*where available (manually edited by DESC, so there may be errors or omissions)